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Welcome to "Creating - Science for Me", this is my blog spot that chronicles the creation of Science for Me . As an high school educator, it often amazes me that my students are uninterested in science. I have analyzed this issue for the past ten years, and the main problem is that often minority and female students do not identify with the scientific concepts that are mentioned in our traditional textbooks. Year after year, my students are often disgusted by the look and feel of traditional textbooks. Why does science education take place in a sterile, rigid environment? Many students will benefit from observing scientific concepts and theories “in the neighborhood”. Students must be able to relate to the concepts, and there must be a bridge that describes the science all around us by using common everyday items and phenomenon. In other words, science lessons must be taken out of the laboratory, and placed into our everyday lives. Science For Me is a series of science workbooks that addresses the needs of urban youth. The series was created to compliment science curriculum at the middle and high school levels. Science For Me focuses on national science indicators, and will prepare students for science based standardized test.