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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Business Cards

I've had the same business cards for the past 4 or 5 years. So its time for an upgrade. I think I will be using A Touch of Heaven again. Its a nice wholesome business, and I try to support other small businesses when possible. Oh yeah, I've just started working on the website for Science for Me. It should be done by this weekend. Eventually, I will move this blog to that website, but for now this is my residence. Until later.....

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I'm not sure which one I'm doing at this point. As far as the book, Science for Me, I have organized each chapter into a folder. This strategy has helped with organization. Sometimes you have to do it "old school". Today I found myself in Borders Cafe writing amongst the other customer. There are soo many people that regularly sit in the cafe. What do these people do for a living? Most of them would have to be freelance writers or something of that nature. What a life? Or should I say what a work life?
It continues to be unbearibly hot in the DC metro area. Well, atleast its summer break for most teachers and students. Most people don't realize that this area has 100% humidity most of the time. So I'll use that tired statement we hear so often during the summer, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity".
My goal is to get some followers. I wonder how to do that? I have decided to start networking again. I will attend a luncheon tomorrow. Maybe I can promote the blog. More info later

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to My Blog - Creating Science for Me

Hello everyone,
If you have made it to this page than I'm sure you know a little about Science For Me. Science for Me is my creation. It is a series of science workbooks for teens and preteens that struggle with science concepts. The series focuses on making complex concepts easier to understand. Within the series we will also include resources to provide additional experiences for parents and the students.

I have decided to create this blog to chronicle my experience creating this series of books, and to give myself more accountability. Ideas are great, but implementing an idea is tough. Hopefully, you will follow me on this journey from writing to publishing to promoting. My goal is to attend the Harlem Book Fair in 2011 with a published book in hand.

Status so far:
I have not finished writing the book at this point. So far I have (1) Preface (2) Appendix 1(3) Glossary of Terms. I am using a book entitled The Complete Guide to Self Publishing to assist this process.

For the next thirty days I will be on summer break so I am determined to finish the rest of the first book of the series