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Friday, September 24, 2010

Standing Out - In an Overcrowded Classroom

Classrooms are filled to capacity. Schools all over the United States are experiencing an increase in the student to teacher ratio. How can a middle or high school student stand out in this type of environment?

  • Move to the front of the class. Request a front row seat

  • Establish a relationship with the instructor

  • Email the instructor

  • Slip the teacher handwritten notes (because we get so many emails, it is a welcome change to get a handwritten note from the student or parent)

  • Meet with the teacher before or after class for extra help

  • Use email to ask questions about the lesson or homework

  • Use online support provided by the teacher, school district, or state

  • Visit the textbook publishers website

  • Join academic clubs or organization (i.e. National Honor Society, Future Teachers of America, or National Society of Black Engineers). This type of organization often provides field trips and instruction outside of the curriculum.

  • Visit your local library. Many libraries provide free tutoring.

  • Visit your local community college. Most provide a summer and after school programs for high school and middle school students

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